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Why opseyes

Like a crystal ball for your plant

Why opseyes - how opseyes works

Don’t have all the resources you’d like? Running an understaffed site? Want an ongoing monitor? Pass your wastewater testing needs over to opseyes and get results in 10 minutes. Our technology is backed by industry leader Ramboll.

What opseyes customers love.

Early alerts

Our predictive results and recommendations save you the money it would traditionally cost you to bring filaments back into range.

Staying compliant

Track your results over time to maintain a compliant plant that’s within permit limits and EPA standards.

Zero hassle

We’re your plant’s professional and ongoing bug watcher. No need for a lab, another engineer, or any specialist training.

Expert-backed results.

Built from the ground up by the industry’s best and brightest, opseyes is co-created by industry authorities on wastewater treatment microbiology, including Mr. Frank DeOrio, Senior Technical Director at Ramboll.

Why opseyes - operators in a plant

Convenience, on-demand.

Unlike other testing entities, opseyes doesn’t require you to ship test tubes or work around researchers’ schedules. Instead, we fit seamlessly into your existing sampling routine and can provide near-instant results 24/7/365.

Why opseyes - wastewater treatment operators

We’re on your team.

With opseyes, there’s no bait-and-switch to get you to buy expensive bacteria or any other product. Our core mission is to give you more control over your testing and treatment cycle. Plus, if you have questions, our industry experts are here to help.

Why opseyes - wastewater treatment engineers

Powered by Ramboll

Opseyes is backed by Ramboll, a global leader in engineering, architecture and consultancy. Ramboll’s expertly architected solutions are making a difference in multiple industries, including the wastewater treatment space, where Ramboll has over 50 years of experience.

Why opseyes - backed by Ramboll

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