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Run an opseyes test on your mixed liquor sample and within 10 minutes we’ll tell you what’s wrong and how to fix it. No lab, no extra engineer, and no specialist training needed.

1 sample + 4 photos = results in 10 minutes.


Collect your sample

Place a sample of your mixed liquor on a slide. Position the slide in focus under your microscope. Worried about your microscope’s quality? Don’t be. opseyes’ technology takes care of this.

How opseyes works - microscope attachment


Take photos

Take 4 photos of your sample and upload them to your opseyes account.

Don’t have a microscope camera? Just order a free camera bracket from us so you can attach your cell phone to a microscope, zoom in on your sample, and take the photo opseyes needs to give you results.

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Get real-time results

opseyes analyzes your photos to produce results in under 10 minutes. You get a detailed diagnostic and recommendation report on what your bugs look like and what you should do next in your plant.

How opseyes works - microscope view


Get real-time results.

In 10 minutes or less, you’ll receive a detailed diagnostic and recommendations report about the state of your plant and what to do next. Easy!

Microscopy report PDF example - mobile phone - how opseyes works

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