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Wastewater testing that doesn’t waste your time.

Microscopy report on a smartphone

Don’t want to deal with out-of-control filaments? Run an opseyes test to avoid issues early and get a look at your bugs in under 10 minutes.

Why test with opseyes?

Real-time results

Get a detailed report on your bugs in under 10 minutes to instantly know what’s in your mixed liquor and see how your plant is doing.

Avoid catastrophe

Identify filament issues early so you can troubleshoot, correct your plant, and avoid a costly and messy upset.

Stay compliant

Get ongoing reassurance that your plant’s running steady, stable, and in compliance.

Ready to give it a go?

Try it for yourself – on us. Your free no-obligation test is waiting for you.

Your bugs tell you a lot. Get the technology to hear them.

Run an opseyes test on your mixed liquor sample to identify filament issues and quickly correct them. The test produces a detailed diagnostic and recommendation report into your inbox immediately.

Straightforward & Speedy

You don’t need to go to a lab, get another engineer in, or even train an operator to use opseyes or a microscope. opseyes is simple, quick, and accurate.

Predictive & Powerful

Your current data means you’re always reacting to problems. Our results help you prevent them in the first place. We’ve used Artificial Intelligence on 1000s of samples to create an industry-leading test as accurate as the best microbiologist.

Microscopy explainer video

Work in a plant susceptible to filament issues?

An opseyes test report will: 

  • Tell you if filaments are on the rise.

  • Give you a list of things you need to go look at right away. 

  • Tell you what corrective actions to run if any of those things are out of control.

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Get on top of out-of-control filaments quickly.

Learn more about opseyes.

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